Had the pleasure of being a guest recently on Kham Inthirath's Business is People Podcast. We had a great discussion around entrepreneurship covering the following topics:

How does one grow their business? 📈

How do you navigate labor shortages❓

What should you do during tough times❓

How do you find a balance in all of it❓

Tune in to learn… 👉 What I've learned from my first career as a physical therapist, and how I've applied it to my current business.

👉 Why understanding a customer’s challenges is the first step to a strong, long-term business relationship.

👉 How surrounding yourself with other professionals can help you grow your business.

👉 Lessons learned from various "failures" in business.

👉 Why entrepreneurs might need to take on LESS, not MORE.

👉 How to get out of your next big slump.

Ready to grow your business? Check out the whole episode now: