EVERY entrepreneur is trying to find balance, and I share my insights and experience on this topic in this video clip from my recent podcast episode with Kham Inthirath of InThink Agency.

How do you grow your business AND make time for your family, friends, and personal life❓❓

Everyone wants that secret sauce.

As it turns out, though, there’s no one-size-fits-all secret. Instead, you’ve just got to find out what works for you and then keep working it.

For me, that means holding really stringent boundaries…. ✅ THIS is family time. ✅ THIS is business time. ✅ THIS is personal time.

While I flex those boundaries from time to time, most of them are non-negotiable. To make sure I allocate time to everything and everything I love, I rely on my calendar. 📅

I schedule EVERYTHING in that calendar, from my work meetings to my downtime. That way, I can see, at-a-glance where I have open time, and where I have blocked out time to be with family or to recharge.

Ultimately, it’s all about prioritizing. Life as an entrepreneur is crazy, and it means you’ll have a thousand things coming at you all at once. The trick to staying sane in all of it is to have good boundaries, know what matters to you, and prioritize accordingly.

The rest will all fall into place.

How do you stay organized and focused? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!